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 Meditation in Motion
Embodiment Education Model

Reformer Workout

Imagine arriving to a safe space facing the water, where you can feel free to be you!

Meditation in Motion SOUL Sessions are Dhyana's specialty. You will integrate pilates and yoga practices with meditation and movement, for a complete transformative flow experience that move you from stillness and into exquisite movement. Sessions are trauma informed and rooted in Ayurveda, India's traditional medicine. 


You can also chose to explore a Pilates Method BODY Adventure to get stronger both physically and mentally, or focus on the limitless that yoga philosophy offers, by immersing yourself  in Yoga MIND Revealing Practices to find that calm and peaceful place within you

All experiences can be in-person, online and in-nature, are one-on-one and completely customizable. 

Duets, classes and retreats are also available upon request. Please schedule email or schedule a Discovery Call, to know your needs. We look forward to help you! 

Dhyana's Story

A lover of space, time and flow, who enjoys creating pristine-safe experiences for others to move, feel and wonder, even during challenging times in life. I feel very grateful to my body, it is both an enigma and the source of great pleasure! I grew up in the busy urban environment of Mexico City, one of the must populated and polluted cities in the world, and at a household with loving parents who eventually decided to divorce. My dance training since I was 5 became my refuge from the chaos and fragmentation of the world I was experiencing.

I joke saying, that Meditation in Motion is a delicious  "soup" with carefully selected ingredients that I have been exploring along my journey learning about the body, and how we change with age and circumstances. MIM, is the result of twenty five years as performing artist, eleven years of mindful movement academic teaching and research at the University of Washington and  the ongoing study of mindfulness, mindful movement, somatic and embodiment practices. I see dance and movement as a kinetic way to explore reality, and as medicine for well-being. 

My body keeps changing, and thanks to the the ongoing study of meditation practices, yoga, pilates, breathing and tantra, many aspects of my life have been expanding. And now I feel the need to share ideas and practices I have collected over the years. This is why MIM is emerging right now.

Movement has provided me a healthy lifestyle, freedom and happiness for almost half a century. I want to share this with YOU and  the global community. 

Let’s Work Together

@ Breathing Room Studio

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