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In-Person Movement Experiences 

"Profoundly helpful for my mental health. A combination of pilates and yoga that feeds the spirit and soul" 

Rebecca Sinclair 

  • Core, Posture, Strength, Flexibility and Spine Health
    55 min
    $77 - 120
  • Pilates, yoga, meditation & breath work to integrate and balance your ...
    55 min
  • Learn effective meditation, breathing & physical exercises, to calm an...
    55 min
    From 77 US dollars
  • Get a taste of the benefits
    55 min
    77 US dollars
  • An effective personalized way to commit to a regular practice within y...
    30 min
    55 US dollars
  • Any questions. Lets talk and come up with a plan.
    15 min
  • 2x a week class. Essential Yoga & Pilates exercises to jump start your...
    30 min
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